Biggest Don’ts When Planning Your Wedding

All weddings equate to serious business. It has even evolved into a mini-capitalist society. Because of this, the wedding has become an unreachable goal for many couples. A lot are pressured to follow what is being portrayed in the media, and there are a lot of false wedding should-be ideas that are being forced upon couples. Managing what kind of wedding dress to wear, hair and makeup for the entourage, what giveaways should be given — these are just some of the things that add to making mistakes on your wedding day.

Avoid being the bridezilla with proper wedding planningEven if those who are going to wed have a strict budget, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Some parents will insist on having this and that, mentioning that a wedding only happens once in a lifetime. This imprint of a fairytale is becoming a boon to society. No matter how small or big, problems always arise in wedding planning and if you’re not prepared, things can get a little messy.

Don’t let pressure devour you. So, save yourself the hassle and follow these sure tips to protect your time, energy, emotion, and money:

1. Don’t let an argument lead to wedding cancellation

It may seem laughable that this is the first recommendation. But history proves that a lot of couples went separate ways because something terribly wrong happened before the wedding. Arguments with your partner can put a lot of questions in your mind on whether everything you are stressing for is worth it. Should you continue to prepare for your vows if you begin to encounter seemingly unsolvable indifferences before your big day? How will you then cope when you become together, and another argument continues to arise?

Don’t let the stress get in your way. Yes, everything may seem tiring. But you always have to go back to the real reason why you are doing it. Focus on the positives, make room for compromise, and you’ll find your problems vanishing one by one.

2. Follow your plan and don’t go over your budget

First things first: you have to know what you want, what look you want, and the things you want to see on your wedding. From there, you can list the elements and have an idea of how much money you should prepare for your wedding.

Your budget should always include an inflation rate. To put it shortly, make sure you have an allowance for all your expenses so that when an unexpected thing needs to be bought, you still have money to spare. In addition, set all the budget for the things you want to have in your wedding, like a live band who will be performing in the NJ area, because everything will just add up so quickly. You won’t even notice how much you spent already if you do not have any ceiling for each item.

Moreover, you have to research all the vendors you will hire for your wedding. Make sure you have profiled them and talked to them about your vision. When you’ve done all these, that’s the only time you can make the right decision.

3. Be aware of the weather on your wedding day

If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, then you should have an alternative plan just in case the rain comes and messes up your whole outdoor plan. It is always good to be ready for when things might go wrong. Wedding vendors are quite experienced when it comes to this. But, you must give them the proper instructions so they can put together your emergency plan.

Your wedding fund must make room for emergency expenses4. Getting drunk the day before your wedding

It may sound stupid, but some people indulge in their last night of being a bachelor or bachelorette. You may drink all you want, but you can do so weeks before your wedding. The last thing you want to get yourself into is to have puffy eyes or vomit on the venue. Just relax on the day before your wedding, pamper yourself, go to a spa, sleep early. By doing these, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

5. Keep yourself sane by delegating tasks

Yes, you may have hired a coordinator, but there are still a lot of things you want to do at your wedding. It is the tricky part because you can’t give one person a task and expect them to follow through it. Make sure that you are aware of the strengths and talents of the people you know. After that, you can decide what tasks you should assign to people. After all, it is your wedding day, and you wouldn’t want to look mad on your big day!

Some things are just unavoidable, so keep your head up and be rational about your decisions. Never let a thunderstorm get in your way, push your way through it because your whole life still awaits you after your wedding day.

May 30, 2018