Why Home Cleaning is the Best Bonding Activity for Couples

Doing an activity with your loved one strengthens any relationship bond. It’s that feeling of connection and intimacy when you do things as a couple like watching movies together, exercising, or even traveling and seeking adventures. But have you ever tried something different? Consider scheduling a home cleaning date with your partner. It might bring out your creative side without compromising your intimacy and relationship. And in the end, it could be your best bonding activity together.

Doing the dishes together instead of harboring roachesMany of us would probably think that cleaning (like doing the dishes) and relationships are not a match. You might be surprised, but they do go together. To some, the idea of cleaning with your loved one is maybe as exciting as having your first kiss, but to others, it may seem a little awkward. But looking deeper, cleaning is an activity that would bring out your intimacy to a higher level and builds up your relationship. It is the delightful result that this bonding will give you.

In fact, having cleaning skills is very appealing. Being familiar with home cleaning is a must-have quality of an ideal partner. Homemakers are needed in every home, and this applies to both men and women. All you need is the passion for committing to keeping your home clean and safe. Even simply learning how to sweep the floor would be perfectly fine, as long as you do it together. It’s the thought that counts. Remember that.

So how would cleaning bring that connection level up the scale and at the same time, bring out the creativity in both of you? Here are a few tips:

1. Learn together and communicate with each other.

Always remember your first rule: Simply have a good time and produce something useful in the end. You are in no cleaning competition. Not everyone is pros in this field. You or your partner may or may not even know what tool to use or how to mop the floor. The learning journey is exactly why cleaning with your partner is very enthralling.

No need to point fingers when insects pests are concernedCommunicate with each other along the learning process. Try asking your partner a few things. What is his/her favorite chore? What is his/her least favorite chore? What is his/her most unforgettable cleaning memory? Where did he/she learn these skills? These are just a few starters for your healthy and intimate conversation while cleaning.

Put in mind that when you clean your home with another person, a healthy amount of conversation is a must if you desire to get something done. You should be able to be on the same track while cleaning together; otherwise, arguments may fuel up anytime. As a result, your activity is wasted including your time and energy.

Just like having a delightful conversation after a passionate kiss, indulge yourselves in the same level of talking while cleaning your home. You will be learning a lot more about each other while keeping your home healthy and clean together.

2. Enjoy the activity together!

After all the preparation has been done, a good conversation has been shared, and you have cleaned your entire place, now is the moment for you to savor the view. Alas, you’ve both succeeded. Something good came out of your hard work. The house may not look exceedingly different, but it still gives you a different feeling, and you still emerge as winners. Why? Because once again, it’s the bonding that you’ve had that matters the most. It’s the contentment that you get from working together as a couple that truly counts; not from the cleaning task alone. Even if the pest situation calls for professionals, true enough, you may have planned to clean together and expected to bring out a fresher feel to your home, but the satisfaction of doing it together is what is important.

This skill is not only applicable to cleaning but to your lives as well. Creating a wonderful memory in the home is an experience that only the two of you can share. There’s always something to look forward to because each time is going to be unique. At one point, you might have mistaken a dot on the floor to be a drop of ink, but it turns out to be a hole that needs repairing. Or, you may come across things that you have been looking for years, but ends up staying in one of your cupboards. These are the little surprises that can spice up your chore. Be it good or bad in these instances, cleaning has created an irreplaceable memory that only you two would share.

So what are you waiting for? Go and plan a weekend for cleaning activity. And for those who are already homemaker couples, always make it an enjoyable activity and create more wonderful memories together!

April 28, 2018